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The English variation of blackjack game is pontoon. There are many similarities between the rules of pontoon and original blackjack game but you can also find many different rules between these two games. Pontoon has the same rule like the American blackjack in Australia but Spanish 21 is different in there.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is quite different than other variants of blackjack game because it supports all the rules of original blackjack. You can call the double down anytime you want or you can use the surrender option any time. In the original game if you and dealer both have the blackjack no one wins but for Spanish 21 the player always wins so this is more liable than the original blackjack.

Blackjack has these varieties of types because of the changing rules of this game. People change the rules to attract the newer players but ultimately these rules help them to get more profits for arranging the game on Double exposure blackjack game is an attractive blackjack game for novice players where the 2 cards of dealer have faced-up. Though the cards of the dealer are shown so players like to bet more money and at the end most of them loses their money. Double Attack Blackjack is another variant of the original blackjack game and people love to play this game because of the increasing winning chance of this game.

"Vingt-et-un" and "Siebzehn und Vier" are the French version and the German version of blackjack where the rules don't support the use of splitting, where the value of an ace is 11 but 2 aces will be called as blackjack and the player will win the game that has the 2 ace.

Another popular variant of blackjack is Chinese Blackjack which doesn't support the splitting but the card regulations is supported by its rules. Blackjack Switch is another version of the game where a player can have two hands and he or she can switch the cards between the two hands. As example, if one hand has king-7 and another hand has ace-6, then the player can switch the cards and make a hand of king-ace to get the blackjack and for this case the payout will be 1:1 not like the traditional 3:2.

Now, there is a tournament of blackjack where anyone can apply and this is known as the elimination of blackjack. This is become only by the popularity of poker. At the end, we can say that there are a large number of blackjacks but in most casinos you will find the original blackjack with standard rules.

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