Chinese Blackjack

Blackjack is very popular for the gamblers which are played all over the world. Chinese blackjack has a few added rules. Not only in china but also in south East Asia blackjack game is played with more problematical rules.

The blackjack game of china, playing 52 cards, two standard tables is essential. By dealing card, every player sits on the decks by turns following his card number. In blackjack game, the number of player is not matter. Normally one player can play the game with the dealer. Every player can be dealer by turn.

The rules of dealing Chinese Blackjack:

Placing all players bet, the game starts. According to the number of cards, a player starts the dealing that who will get the best number of card. Every player is given two cards by the dealers. Then each player faces up his two cards and starts betting.

The rules of scoring:

The Blackjack game in China, the rules of scoring are equal to regular Blackjack. The entire numerical card's value is considered their face number. The value of Kings, queens and jacks are ten. If you get the values of card is closer to 21 than the dealer without busting, then you can beat the dealer.

The worth of Ace can vary in different times depend on the number of player's card. .If a player gets two card, then the value of Ace will 11 0r 10. If he gets three cards, Ace value will be 10 or 1.At last, he gets four and five or more cards, then the value of Ace will only one.

Ban- ban:

If a player receives two Aces, he will get a ban-ban. When a player will get a ban-ban, you will return your bet original tripled from the dealer. If the dealer gets ban-ban, he will get the same value from all the players.


When a player will get Ace or 10 valued card, it is a called Ban-nag. Having ban-nag, he will get doubled his original bet from the dealer. When the dealer will get ban-nag, he will get doubled.

15 Points:

If players get 15 point, he is told to have an open hand

Player's choice:

Every player has an option to get more cards, standing, and hitting. If the player get five or four cards except suspended, then he will get doubled of his original bet. If the value of 5 cards is just 21, he will get tripled of his original bet from dealers.

Dealer's Choice:

The dealer will have an option of owns. If the dealer gets not more than sixteen, he can hit and his total value is exactly 21, players will reveal. If he gets more than 21, then he will be busted.

Those are the rules for Chinese blackjack. It is also handy to use a blackjack chart for gambling and practicing the skills.

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