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The (Name of the Company), is known as the GamesSourcer will provide you no warranty for their information or data, the website also don't provide any warranty for the content and the postings on the website named GamesSourcer with their services.

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The website can contain different types of information, advices, statement, and estimations from different sources or persons or from the users of the website. The GamesSourcer will have no responsibility about the accuracy the information found here. The information what are posted in here are only for general purpose. If you make any decision based on this information then you have your own risk. The GamesSourcer never provides warranty for timely manner, succession, accuracy and completeness for the information you get on this website.


The GamesSourcer will not be liable for any type of errors and mistakes on the website and the website does not provide the warranty to make those correct within a fixed time. They can do that or not but you can't blame them for that. So whenever you read or use some information on this site then you must make sure the information is correct because the GamesSourcer will not take any responsibility for corrupted or wrong information.


The GamesSourcer has the rights to change or modify the website without knowing to its users. You can't claim them for changing or modifying the website. The GamesSourcer has the rights to not changing anything on the website. The website does not provide the warranty that it will be never changed a thing. So the reality is we always follow the "As Is" rules to decorate and deck the information of us, users, and third party without having any type of warranty at all.


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The GamesSourcer will not be responsible for any type damages what the users of the website face while the damages can be indirect or direct, within connection or from any wrong information from the website. Nothing matters, but the GamesSourcer will always be claim free from the users or other parties. If you lost revenue, profits, goodwill for this website or using this website then it will be your fault not the GamesSourcer. if the website make you to follow some ways and you get failure in that way although they will not have ay responsibility for that.

If you visit any links of other websites on the GamesSourcer and you lose something then it will be your responsibility for your loses because the risk is always yours and the GamesSourcer has no responsibility for that. The limitation of the GamesSourcer rights are indestructible and you can never claim them for your own failures.

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