How to Play Blackjack

The Aim of Blackjack:

You have to get the total value of your hand is nearer to Twenty-one more than the dealer's value without suspending. When you will get more than 21 then you will be busted from the game. There are two systems of wining the game plus tips for the blackjack odds.

The ways is:

  1. Acquire the worth of blackjack hand is less than 21 but more than the dealer.
  2. You always stand on your hand when you will see that the dealer will bust or his point is less than 17.Less than 17 the dealer cannot hit.

Playing system:

After seeing two cards, you can deal against the dealer. At that time the dealer will face up his one card.

You place your stake and dealer gives you 2 card, and takes 2 cards for himself (one of them is face up). In blackjack game is dealt on 21.Always a player deal against the dealer in blackjack game. If you do not deal a blackjack, next your work will:


When you will get hand which the worth will minimum 17 or more but not over 21, then you can stand. It will be great benefit for you when the dealer will be busted receiving more 21.


Taking a new another card if your score is less than 21, then you can hit on your hand or over than 21, you will be busted and loss the game.

Extra options:

If your first hand's score is 9-11, then you can double with anyone without the dealer. The dealer can stand if his minimum value is 17.over than 21, he will bust. The blackjack player which point will have the highest, he will win. If the blackjack player is more than 21, then the game will draw.


  1. Painting card are 10.
  2. The value of Ace card is 11 or 1.


Doubling is a great benefit for a blackjack player. When your bet will double, you can take this system. This option will be guaranteed when your score will 9-11.It depends on your hands.


When you will get a couple of the equal card, then this option will be considered for you. You will be given a new card .with your extra card you can deal for the two new player's hand. Your bet will stand on double figure for each. They will play independently.


Insurance gives a great opportunity for a player. When the dealer shows an Ace card, a player cans this option.

Those elements are very essential for playing blackjack in any casino. You can learn easily to play blackjack game.

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