Facts about Macau Gambling

It’s a well-known fact that most of the readers of out site Gamessourcer.com are fans of online gambling: we’re regularly receiving plenty of feedbacks from our community regarding each new online casino they have tried. As usual during the last 2 years, Jackpotcity is one of the most beloved online gambling houses for our readers. If you’re new to our community, you can click here for jackpotcity and check all the games they offer.

Still, despite the fact our readers are mostly online players, recently we’ve received several letters with inquiries about interesting places to try the gambling skills in a land-based mode. That’s why we decided to share with you some info about Macau, a huge and exotic gambling center in Asia.

Macau is a small country offshore from one of the largest countries in Asia, China. For a long period of time, including now, the country has been under the influence of the Chinese government, which did not allow it to prosper in many ways. Macau was a small set of towns that were not well developed, but soon after China opened its borders to foreigners and made gambling legal that Macau started prospering from it. It soon became what people now proudly call “The Las Vegas of Asia”.

The Chinese government, in an attempt to mend the relationship with the East, opened its borders to investors and made gambling legal on all levels. This affected Macau the most, as it was already a gambling center for the many wealthy Chinese businessmen. Now it not only was a popular destination for the richest of the rich in China, but it became popular in the East as a contender to the casinos of America.


Macau is a country that consists of several cities, all of which are gambling cities that have been developed in the spirit of Las Vegas. However, it soon found its own trail and stopped following in the footsteps of its American predecessor. It is no secret that the Chinese government and many of the investors have the ambition to make Macau the biggest and most glamorous gambling den in the world, something that will sweep Las Vegas and Atlantic City under the rug.


Something that helps the popularity of Macau further is the fact that it is the only region of China where gambling is legal. This funnels investors in a certain location, focusing all of the funds and attention towards the cities of Macau. The overall gambling scene of Macau seems to be oriented more towards the high rollers that each casino wants to attract. This is different from Las Vegas, which still remains the image of a more family friendly gambling location.

There are over twenty six legal casinos in Macau, each of which is more glamorous than the previous, although gambling is not only restricted to casinos. Betting on races and matches is also possible, and is even encouraged by the many pari-mutuel facilities that one can find in any of the cities of Macau. The only place which is not associated with gambling in Macau is Taipei, which is the business center of the Chinese region.

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