Blackjack Chart

Winning in blackjack is really possible and if you want to know about that we can show you how to do that. Now is the ear of modern computer technology and you can play a lot of blackjack hands in a short time to evaluate the best strategy to win the game and for that you will need to get your own blackjack chart. You can follow blackjack chart below to do so. You can find blackjack sites for other useful info. This chart will help you to make a decision while playing the game. When you play the game match your hand with the chart and do as the chart says:


The chart depends on the decision of the dealer whether he hits on soft 17 or he stands. To use the help of the chart first look on your hand beside left vertical edge then the up card of the dealer beside the chart top place. For these cases A means the ace. From the top to the bottom means the total hand points, the soft points and the splitting able hands.

Print Out the Blackjack Chart

Following the chart you will lose around 0.5% of your total betting amount. This result is better than the other casino games because for other games the losing amount is much higher than the blackjack amount. This is the just the losing amount and you have the chance to win the game more than one time. You have to use the chart every time you play the game because without this chart you don't have anything. If you can memorize the chart fully then it will be better than keep the chart with you. Many blackjack players don't know the strategy clearly but they always say that they know a lot. So you can be the best player of your table if you play the game, like Elimination Blackjack, with the chart.

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