Bingo Games Variations

It is important for you to know the variations of Bingo games in order for you to identify the ideal game for you to play and make more money. Bingo is one of the most entertaining games today that any player should try out. Try it now at Unibet.  The game is concluded when you achieve a specified pattern from the numbers you had drawn and you will be required to call out bingo as this alerts the other players that you are about to win. Accuracy will be checked for all wins before the prize is secured. Since the invention of Bingo the game has evolved into many variations and this is mostly because there are different gambling laws in different parts of the world. These variations will include;

Here numbers should be pre-drawn and players are also supposed to buy special sealed bingo cards that will then be matched against the same pre-drawn numbers. Here you win when a specified bingo pattern is achieved.

This type of bingo allows you and other players to choose numbers that you wish to mark as well as monitor for you to win. This game resembles Keno and is permitted in many jurisdictions.

This type of bingo requires players to mark and monitor cards with chips but emulate table games.

This type of bingo allows up to 15 players where each one is issued with a number between 1 and 15 which is supposed to correspond to the bingo flashboard’s top row. The numbers will then be drawn and the first player who will have all the five numbers in their column drawn will be the winner. This type of bingo is fast paced and at the same time exciting.

In this type of bingo 43 numbers will be pre-drawn at the beginning of the game. These numbers can be even, odd or the first 43 numbers that will come out of the machine. Players are then supposed to purchase cards and mark out all the even, odd and pre-drawn numbers. Then the caller asks if any of the players has a bingo at designated times. If there is no one then the caller will start drawing one ball at a time until a player shouts bingo.

This type of bingo uses the RNG based slot machine also known as the Class II Machines instead of the traditional bingo slot machines.

In this type of bingo a player that gets the bingo is eliminated from the game and the winner will be the one who fills out most spaces on their boards as possible before getting a bingo.

It is not possible to list all the variations of bingo games today given the various differences and similarities of this game but what is evident is that every one of these variations will ensure you have the utmost fun while playing.

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